The Linux distribution of my choice is Crux, a wonderful simple and effective, source based system. It requires some experience, however, or at least the willingness to deal with configuration problems.
The central part of the Crux package management is the script pkgmk. As I missed some features in the official script, I wrote an own version which supplies the following additions:
  • If a source URL (an element of the array source) contains a query string, i.e. a suffix starting with ?, the last path component before the question mark is used as the local filename. The official version includes the query string into the filename.
  • If an array filename is defined in Pkgfile, the elements if this array will be used as local filenames after download.

    Example (rox):

    In the original version the file would be named download. This way the frequent problems with Sourceforge downloads can be solved, and also URL that doesn't point to the file itself, but to a php script or similar, may be used.
  • Additional option: -nu or --no-unpack. The source archive will not be unpacked, but the package will be created in an existing work directory. This can be useful while testing a new package.
  • Additional option: -da or --download-always. The source will always be downloaded. Can be used when the remote source file changes frequently, but keeps the same name.
  • Additional option: -bp param or --build-param param. The parameter param will be supplied to the (originally parameterless) function build. This allows creating different variants of a package without changing Pkgfile.
Created 2011-08-11 by mopcoge