Static content generator

I wanted the pages of my site to have a consistent style. As they change rather infrequently, I didn't see the need for installing a complete CMS. A generator for static HTML pages would have been fine, but I couldn't find such a program anywhere. The usual solution was writing one myself. Essentially the task consists in replacing some parts in a text file (the HTML template) by the actual content, and generating others automatically (menu, headline, footer etc.).

Comparing usual languages under this aspect, it turns out that shells are most suited for this task. Replacing parts of a text by variable values or even by results of program calls, is a very common operation there. So I started developing a static content generator consisting of a set of Korn shell scripts. The present pages are a result of the first version. As the development is still in progress, I won't give a detailed description here yet. Presently, I am rebuilding the scripts in a way that makes use of the object oriented features of the latest Korn shell.

Created 2011-08-11 by mopcoge